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  • 3 August 2013

    Why don't Hotels respond? Well you might had never heard this answer, but I have analysed that there might be a language barrier. Well if TripAdvisor could launch its site in local languages, thing might be different.

    Jatin – Manager at http://www.mghworld.net

  • 4 August 2013

    Yes Jatin, but there is an issue for all of us here. The key, of course, is the language spoken (or written in) by the guest. This is often not the local language, and it's this that gives rise to the issue for the hotel. So (and we rarely say this) it's probably not an issue for TripAdvisor.

    We see mangled responses all the time (as I'm sure you do) and these put other hotels without language skills off responding altogether. We're lucky here in London, we have access to fluent speakers of almost every language on the planet.

    At the end of the day every hotel has to look at its online reputation and decide what resources it's going to commit to managing it. In-house or contracted-out. As we say in this post – we charge a maximum 9p a room/night for all our services. Is it worth that to ensure that your guest is thanked for posting a great review (in whatever language)?

    P.S. Don't anyone be tempted to use Google Translate to post responses. It's fine for reading reviews, but some of the worst 'mangling' of a hotel's reputation can result if it's used to post responses!

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